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CS1372 – Homework 8 Assigned: Thurs, October 26, 2006 Due: Wed, November 1, 11:59pm. For this assignment, we implement a Doubly-Linked List of integers. You will need to define the following structures using typedef : DListElement_t , must contain the necessary pointers to manage each integer element in the linked list, as well as an integer value that is the associated data. DlistBase_t must contain the necessary pointers to keep track of the beginning and end of the list. Next, you should implement three subroutines, as follows: AddIntSorted(DListBase_t* base, int i) ; - This subroutine adds the integer “i” to the linked list referred to by “base”. The integer “i” should be inserted in the list in sorted order. In other words, if the list already contains 1, 5, 7 and 9, a new value 8 should be inserted after the 7 and before the 9. If the value to be inserted is already in the list, the new value must also be inserted, and can be either before or after the existing duplicate value. PrintList(DlistBase_t* base)
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