ch 6&7 - Kevin Schoenherr Ch 6 &7 1. routing table- a...

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Kevin Schoenherr 1. routing table- a list maintained in RAM by a router that lists the best routes to reach each destination subnet 2. routing- the process by which a router receives an incoming frame discards the data-link header and trailer makes a forwarding decision based on the destination ip address adds a new data-link header and trailer based on the outgoing interface and forwards the new frame out the outgoing interface. 3.static routes- an entry in an ip routing table that was created because a network engineer entered the routing information into the routers configuration. 4.default route- a special route on a cisco router the matches all packets destined for unicast ip addresses. 5.routing protocol- a protocol used between routers so that they can learn routes to add to their routing tables. 6.convergence- a precess by which routers recognize that something has occurred that changes some routers routes react to the even and find the now currently best routes 7.BGP- a routing protocol designed to exchange routing information between different autonomous systems. 8.ASN- an integer between 0 and 65535 that identifies a single autonomous system.
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ch 6&7 - Kevin Schoenherr Ch 6 &7 1. routing table- a...

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