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CVEN 2121 – Analytical Mechanics I-Statics Homework #3. Assigned – Jun 05, 2008, Due – Jun 09, 2008 Problem #1 : The force P is applied to the lever which controls the auger of a snowblower. Determine the magnitude and the direction of the smallest force P which has a 2.20-Nm counterclockwise moment about A. Problem #2: A rectangular tetrahedron has six edges of length a . A force P is directed as shown along edge BC. Determine the moment of
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Unformatted text preview: P about edge OA. Problem #3: Determine the moment of the 7 lb couple. Problem #4: A 315-N force F and 70-Nm couple M are applied to corner A of the block shown. Replace the given force-couple system with an equivalent force-couple system at corner D. Problem #1 : Neglecting friction, determine the tension in cable ABD and the reaction at C when θ = 60 o . (Figure on the right)...
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