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CVEN2121 2P - equilibrium(Hint The tension in the rope is...

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CVEN 2121 – Analytical Mechanics I-Statics Homework #2. Assigned – Jun 04, 2008, Due – Jun 05 2008 Problem #1 : A block of weight W is suspended from a 500-mm long cord and two springs of which the unstretched lengths are 450 mm. Knowing that the constants of the springs are k AB = 1500 M/m and k AD = 500 N/m, determine (a) the tension in the cord, (b) the weight of the block. (Hint: Force in a spring = spring constant x change in length) Problem #2: A 350-lb load is supported by the rope-and-pulley arrangement shown. Knowing that α = 35 o , determine (a) the angle β , (b) the magnitude of the force P which should be exerted on the free end of the rope to maintain
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Unformatted text preview: equilibrium. (Hint: The tension in the rope is the same on either side of the pulley – Extra points for why this is so.) Problem #3: A transmission tower is held by three guy wires attached to a pin at A and anchored by bolts at B , C , D . If the tension in wire AB is 3.6 kN, determine the vertical force P exerted by the tower on the pin A . (Hint: You will get a set of three equations in three unknowns which you will need to solve) Problem #4: A 750-kg crate is supported by three cables as shown. Determine the tension in each cable. (Hint: You will get a set of three equations in three unknowns which you will need to solve)...
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