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CVEN 2121 – Analytical Mechanics I-Statics Homework #4. Assigned – Jun 09, 2008, Due – Jun 10 2008 Problem #1: The clamp shown is used to hold the rough workpiece C. Knowing that the maximum allowable compressive force on the workpiece is 200 N and neglecting the effect of friction at A, determine the corresponding (a) reaction at B, (b) reaction at A and (c) the tension in the bolt. Problem #2: A uniform slender rod of mass 5 g and length 250 mm is balanced on a glass of inner diameter 70 mm. Neglecting friction, determine the angle θ corresponding to equilibrium. (Hint: ACB is a three-force body). Problem #3: Two steel pipes AB and BC, each having a weight per unit length of 5 lb/ft, are
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Unformatted text preview: welded together at B and are supported by three wires. Knowing that a = 1.25 ft, determine the tension in each wire. (This problem is on equilibrium in 3D. We will look at this on Monday.) Problem #4: Eight identical 20 X 30-in. rectangular plates, each weighing 50 lb, are held in a vertical plane as shown. All connections consist of frictionless pins, rollers, or short links. For each case determine whether (a) the plate is completely, partially or improperly constrained, (b) the reactions are statically determinate or indeterminate, (c) the equilibrium of the plate is maintained in the position shown....
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