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EE 1; Homework 4: DUE MAY 12 TH Monday 5 PM (THERE WILL BE A COLLECTION BOX IN FRONT OF MY OFFICE ENGR. IV RM# 66-127D) 1) An electron beam shaped like a circular cylinder of radius r 0 carries a charge density given by 0 2 1 v r ρ ρ ⎛⎞ = ⎝⎠ + (C/m 3 ) where ρ 0 is a positive constant and the beam’s axis is coincident with the z-axis. (a) Determine the total charge contained in length L of the beam. (b) If the electrons are moving in the +z direction with uniform speed u , determine the magnitude and direction of the current crossing the z-plane. 2) A coaxial conductor has radii a = 0.8 mm and b = 3 mm and a polystyrene dielectric for which ε r = 2.56. If 2 ˆ Pr r = nC/m 2 in the dielectric, find: (a) D and E as functions of r. (b) Find Vab and χ e. 3) Dielectric breakdown occurs in a material whenever the magnitude of the field E exceeds the dielectric strength anywhere in that material. In the coaxial capacitor of inner and outer radius of a and b in centimeter, (a) At what value of r is | E | maximum? (b) What is the breakdown voltage if a =
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