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EE HW 7 - o that flows within a cylinder of radius ‘a’...

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EE 1; Homework 7: DUE JUNE 3 rd , TUESDAY 5 PM ( THERE WILL BE A COLLECTION BOX IN FRONT OF TA’s OFFICE ENGR. IV RM# 64-118 ) (1) The magnetic field in a given dielectric medium is given by () 7 ˆ 6 c o s 2s i n21 0 0 . 1 yz t x H where x and z are in meters. Determine: (a) E, (b) The displacement current density (c) The charge density (2) The cross section shown below is a cylindrical geometry that extends to infinity along +z and –z directions. The outer radius of the circular cross section is ‘b’. In the same cross section there exists a cylindrical cavity that has free space given with a radius of ‘a’. As shown in the figure the center of this cylindrical void cavity is offset from the center of the cylinder by ‘d’. This structure carries a uniform current density of J o along the z direction. Assume µ
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Unformatted text preview: o that flows within a cylinder of radius ‘a’. Then, use the superposition of two uniform cylindrical conductors with radii ‘b’ and ‘a’ that carry opposite charge densities of J o and –J o , respectively. (3) Prepare an original question that is related to our course curriculum. Provide also the solution to your question. In the final examination there will one question (worth 10% of the exam) that will be chosen among the questions that you will provide in this homework. The author/designer of the question will automatically get the whole 10% assigned to that midterm question. Do NOT ask too difficult questions. The purpose is to design educative questions that emphasize the basic fundamental concepts of the course. Selection of “the” question for the midterm will be made by the professor. x y b a d...
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