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AG100 - Reaction Paper 4

AG100 - Reaction Paper 4 - Water in California Water is the...

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Water in California Water is the most essential nutrient for almost all living creatures and plants so you would think that the issue of using water and how to preserve it would be a large issue, but like many things in agriculture it is not talked about as much as it should be. In one year California uses 194.7 million acre-feet of water for its overall supply. California itself is only 100 million acres so we know that we are using much more water than we have or can produce, especially since these past years have been so dry when it comes to rainfall. Using water we don’t necessarily have is like spending money you don’t have, it’s only going to bring greater harm in the long run when you don’t have other resources to fall back on. Having water so freely at our fingertips is I think what gives people the impression that we have unlimited resources to it, but yet do they know that because we have unlimited use of our hose, does not mean that the water can keep running forever. I do not know the impact that people can make when it comes to water
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