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yes UNV 180 Pursuing my Dreams and Purpose S-08 GR -...

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Unformatted text preview: UNV180 Final Examination Wednesday @ 7:00 P.M. Henry West Banquet Room Characteristics of a World Changer A world changer is not satisfied with the world as it is. A world changer distinguishes truth from nontruth. A world changer pursues noble causes A world changer determines what they are willing to bet their life on. A world changer seeks to serve others in a selfless manner Changing the world is a life- long pursuit, not a one-semester course ... Becoming a worldchanger is more about starting assumptions than a finished product. Ex = out Duco push/pull Pushing out requires: Appreciating other perspectives EDUCATION EDUCATION Moving Out Expanding my knowledge Stepping out of my comfort zone Evaluating my own position from "outside" "Your calling in life is where your deep gladness meets the deep needs of the world." Frederick Buechner The Journey of Life In the end, how will you choose to spend your life? Consider the lowly paper clip... From a batch of 100,000: "Interesting. Only a minority of these paper clips, each one created for a specific function, were ever used for their intended design. The overwhelming majority were used to fulfill some other alternative purpose. Such is the tragedy today with many who claim to follow Christ; attempts at filling their intended purpose go awry. This is not God's will nor His desire." Marc Estes What Now? Making Sense of Where You're Going What is your current sense of God's purpose for your life? What types of events, circumstances, feelings, or conversations lead you to that conclusion? What types of events, circumstances, feelings, or conversations continue to affirm that conclusion? The Parable of the Good Samaritan What can we observe? Not all of the passers-by saw a need to get involved One man did He responded to that need Not just at a basic level... he went beyond "the call of duty" He made a difference Who is your neighbor? Got Service? With God's help... you can change your world. ...
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