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Clarice Maia Reading Response Chapter 2 When considering the origins of human life, there are so many different stories, myths, theories, hypothesis' etc thrown at you from all angles, that it becomes hard to come to a conclusion about who to believe. In a world where technology and scientific advances play an active role in filling in the gaps between religious faith and proven reality, a question arises as to why most religious belief has not been replaced with the cold calculations of a predominant culture which demands evidence and explanation. One might assume that modern man would have "perfected" his supposed old-fashioned notions of the world and our history upon it, as he did with most other previous concepts. However, the cultural significance of religious belief goes far to deep in relevance and history, to be uprooted. To this day, all creation and evolution theories are yet to be proven legitimate, and by some strict believers, even hard evidence is not enough to overrule traditional thought. While the
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