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Exam2KEYoct07 - Bio 311C Exam 2 Brief Key and Distribution...

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Bio 311C Exam 2 – October 23, 2007 – Brief Key and Distribution of Scores 1. B 6. C 11. B 16. C 21. E 26. Cholesterol present, 2. D E 7. C 12. D 17. E 22. C shorter hydrocarbon chains 3. D 8. D 13. A 18. B 23. E unsaturated chains 4. C 9. B 14. E 19. A 24. C 5. E 10. D 15. A 20. B 25. D 27. under cellular respiration column: glucose or fats; ATP; make ATP; oxidized under photosynthesis column: light; sugars or G3P; make sugars; reduced 28. (a) B, C, E; (b) A only; (c) A 29. here are two examples: A. how: has flexible weak bonds for transport; phosphorylation; why: to push substrate against gradient B. how: weak bonds flexible shape for tight binding; why: to be specific, to stress bonds in substrate 30. see diagram at right; (c) B 31. here are some possible steps: H atom in pyruvate; H atom in NADH; H atom to lactate in fermentation; pyruvate to acetyl; acetyl + 4C to 6C enter Krebs Cycle; on NADH out of Krebs; on FADH 2 out of Krebs; NADH to ETC and oxidized; FADH 2 to ETC and oxidized; electrons through ETC in redox
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