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renewable energy essay - Sarah Reeves Fueling the Fusion...

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Sarah Reeves 3/25/08 Fueling the Fusion Fire Subsidy (n): a form of financial assistance paid, usually by the government, to keep alive businesses that would otherwise go bust, or to encourage activities that would otherwise not take place. The government uses subsidies for everything from food to weapons to art. Subsidies are a way to help any “good” activity that the market will not sufficiently support. Nuclear Fusion fits this description perfectly—it is “good” because it can solve our energy problems, but the market won’t support it through its development stages because it is yielding no immediate returns. It’s hard to deny the benefits of fusion energy: it will be clean, in that it produces no radioactive waste and no carbon emissions. It will be amazingly efficient, and use about one pound of deuterium—a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen—to produce about as much energy as eighteen million pounds of coal. There is a project called ITER currently in the works. ITER is an international fusion experiment, which will be able to produce 500 million watts of energy—enough to power 200,000 homes. It is also incredibly efficient, producing 1000% more energy than is used to produce it. ITER is an important step between our current capabilities and a fully functioning power plant, which would put out 25,000% of the energy put in, and be able to create 2,500 million watts of energy. It, and other fusion plants, will be able
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renewable energy essay - Sarah Reeves Fueling the Fusion...

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