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The Bering Strait bridge

The Bering Strait bridge - Good question Proposals have...

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The Bering Strait bridge: Also known as the InterContinental Peace Bridge, and the Eurasia-America Transport Link, the Bering Strait Bridge is a proposed bridge that would span between Russia and Alaska. It would consist of three separate bridges, one from Russia to the Diomede Islands, one interior to the islands, and one from the islands to Alaska. The bridge will have a two- lane highway on the top (which will most likely be open only during the summer months). Beneath that, there will be an enclosed railway, and on the bottom, there will be a series of pipes to carry oil. The estimated cost of such a project is 105 billion US dollars. So why would anyone want to build a bridge from Russia to Alaska?
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Unformatted text preview: Good question. Proposals have been popping up since William Glipin suggested a Cosmopolitian Railway in 1890, to link the entire world. More recent proposals have been made by T Y Lin of China, but he made his proposal in 1968, during the cold war, and met with distrust. One of the major reasons this project is getting more attention now is because the technology is only recently available to complete such a difficult task, and a railroad connecting Asia and North America is a big step in the planning of a world-wide railway system. It’s recently become feasible, and lots of people believe it will help to further unify nations and economies of the world....
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