journal 6 - Psych 122-SES Dialogue Journal 6 Our ICP group...

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Psych 122-SES Dialogue Journal 6 Our ICP group was Team LOPT, in having a group name that represents our name in a cohesive manner we wanted our group to unite and we wanted to bond as a team at least most of the group wanted to. It was hard for Lisa to be the one driving around both of us to all three malls. Also she was kind of put in the spot being the only white female in Northland mall. I think the three of us became thick friends and as Queenclia puts it we are family. I think we all bonded on a level that could not have reached in the dialogue only because the environment was different and sharing personal experiences, drama and “what’s up” made us all so very comfortable. I will definitely miss my team. Lisa contributed a great deal to the project, it was her vision to do this project and hopefully we as a team carried it on well. Lauren even though she missed the proposal meeting and missed one of the mall meeting, contributed well. At northland she took charge in an admirable manner. Lauren also made me realize how I stereotyped African-Americans and she already being in an international dialogue assured that I wasn’t the only one viewing African Americans in a manner. She cleared the air, and made me realize how pure hearted the African Americans are. Definitely my communication line needs work, even Alexz was uncomfortable when I was talking to her in the office hours and was referring “they” as African Americans when she was one of them. Lauren understood this and said that I would take time to break from the shell. I couldn’t ask for more as I was in the most diverse group economically, racially etc. Parris even though she missed the meetings came for the final meeting of putting the presentation together. She was in constant touch over the phone and email. She typed the proposal and did contribute to a level she could. She as she puts it is on “Hispanic time” not very good time sense. I feel like working around four people’s schedule was tough. I was the line of communication between the entire team and I learnt which was the best communication line, to reach each of the team members. I feel like our team was very integrated and tried to make a great effort putting
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the project together. I can see my self being an ally towards the LBGT group particularly because I can empathize
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journal 6 - Psych 122-SES Dialogue Journal 6 Our ICP group...

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