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SUNY-Fredonia - Fall 2006 - BIOL 131 Principles I - exam 1 (Your name on every page (1 pt)) 1. Cell Theory is a theory , Independent Assortment is a law , and the Changing Environment Hypothesis is a hypothesis . Briefly explain the difference between theory, law and hypothesis. (6 pts) 2. Please tell me a little bit about ONE of these: myosin, dynein or kinesin? What does it move? (4 pts) 3. Why do they think the Rocky Mountain grasshopper went extinct? (5 pts) 4. What are three important differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? (6 pts). 5. Briefly describe the roles of these two organelles: chloroplasts, mitochondria. (4 pts) 6. What is the name and major role of ONE of the three cytoskeleton components? (3 pts) 7. Do you have plasmodesmata or gap junctions? How about your doggie Rover? (2 pts) 8. What’s the difference between self-fertilization & asexual reproduction? Which one did Mendel use with his peas? (6 pts) 9. John Maynard Smith talked about “The Paradox of Sex”? Why does asexual reproduction appear to
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