Kinetics Review for Quiz 5

Kinetics Review for Quiz 5 - CH 302 Kinetics Study Guide...

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CH 302 Kinetics Study Guide Reaction Rate: The most important issue in kinetics is a determination of the rate of a reaction and the data that comes from a plot of the rate data. For the concentration-time plot below for the reaction aA bB [ ] The rate is simply how fast A disappears (note the negative sign) and B appears as a function of time. The instantaneous rate is simply the tangent line at any time (the slope.) The lower case a and b are the reaction coefficients and are constants that make sure that rates at which things appear and disappear are the same (conservation of matter.) Rate Laws (what affects the rate.) Of course you can ask the question, what factors affect the rate. There are four factors : [A] x which is the concentration of A, the pre-exponential factor, A , which depends on the state of the reactants, T , the temperature, and E a , the activation barrier. With these factors we make a RATE LAW. - __ ∆[ A]__ = __ ∆[ B]__ = rate = A exp (-E a /RT ) [A] x = k [A] x a t b ∆τ The first three terms A exp (- E a /R T ) combine to make the rate constant , k . *****Half the problems you do in kinetics use this differential rate expression . Among problems you can do****: Calculate the instantaneous rate at any given time: measuring the slope of the tangent line Determining the order of a reaction (the exponent x ) using a method of initial rates Calculate k, T, E a , A, [ ] or x given known values. HINT: This third type of problem is simple plug-and-chug except that you need to be able to manipulate the
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Kinetics Review for Quiz 5 - CH 302 Kinetics Study Guide...

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