04-02-08 Notes - Rat Cortex and Categorization Gary...

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04/02/08 Consciousness Snapshot of Time in Color If you flash red light and green light slowly, you would see both If you flash red light for 20 milliseconds then immediately flash a green light for  20 milliseconds, you would say you saw a single flash of yellow light; are not  aware of red light then green light until length extends to 60-70 milliseconds The Active Role of Perception Optical illusion- brain has the ability to fill in or construct visual information that is  missing because it falls in the blind spot of the eye. If you move the page to your  blind spot, you see a continuous line, not the broken one Lot of things happen that conscious brain is not aware of Consciously you are not aware of some information being processed
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Unformatted text preview: Rat Cortex and Categorization Gary Lynchbuilt a desktop simulation of the rat brain Olfactory Cells, Olfactory Bulb, Olfactory Cortex Rat Cortex and Categorization II I Got Rhythm Different traits are the same for your grandmother; for a different lady, maybe only one trait matches up. They do not fire at the same time and you know it is not your grandmother Not number, but which combination of cells fire at the same time Loops? Intralaminar Nucleus connect to all areas of cerebral cortex Oscillations? 40 Hz oscillations how we focus our attention When you focus attention, it resets the front; does not reset when you are asleep A Circuit Diagram Maybe...
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04-02-08 Notes - Rat Cortex and Categorization Gary...

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