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My boss once asked me what made me so motivated and I was at a loss for words. When I look at my resume I don’t see anything special. Just my life, just me. I don’t see that exceptional girl that my boss sees in me. What he told me is that he sees a desire, and well I guess I have always had that desire to change the world around me, nothing drastic, but I do what I can. I don’t know what put this desire in me, but looking at myself objectively, I see an unusually motivated Hispanic woman but I’m not meaning to sound arrogant or overly confident in my aspirations. Being Hispanic, I have struggled with my heritage for a long time. I have always felt more comfortable with white culture in general and nearly all of my friends until middle school were white. Constantly teased by the Hispanic community that I was too good for them, I was driven even farther away from accepting my heritage. I chose my friends because they made and kept me motivated in school and in my
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