c17f00f - CSc 17 Final Examination Tuesday 19 December 2000...

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Tuesday 19 December 2000 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SUGGESTED ANSWERS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1. Write the declaration for a class FlipFlop and then write the definition of its member functions and operators. Instances of class FlipFlop store either the value of 0 or 1. If two instances of FlipFlop are added the result is a FlipFlop which has the value 0 if both the instances being added are storing the number 0; otherwise the resulting FlipFlop has the value 1. You need only declare and implement enough functions and operators so that the following code would compile. FlipFlop a,b(0); a.set(1); cout<<"The FlipFlop has the value "<<a.get()<<endl; cout<<a<<" + "<<b<<" = "<<(a+b)<<endl; class FlipFlop{ public: FlipFlop(); FlipFlop(int n); void set(int n); int get(); FlipFlop operator+(const FlipFlop&a); friend ostream & operator private: int value; }; FlipFlop::FlipFlop(){ value=0;} FlipFlop::FlipFlop(int n) {set(n);} void FlipFlop::set(int n){if(n<0 || n>1) n=0; value=n; } int FlipFlop::get(){ return value;} return FlipFlop(0); return FlipFlop(1); } out<<"FlipFlop("<<a.value<<")"; return out; } 2. Write a recursive function MATCH. It is used to determine whether entries in two arrays of ints are identical. Given int a[20],b[30]; the call MATCH(a,b,2,10) returns true if and only if the entries a[2] through a[10] are identical to and in the same order as the entries b[2] through b[10]. You MUST use the following recursive algorithm. If the two sets of entries to compare have indices between n and m inclusive, the arrays match if the mth entries are the same and the rest of the two arrays match. bool MATCH(int a[],int b[], int low, int high){
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c17f00f - CSc 17 Final Examination Tuesday 19 December 2000...

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