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A Rose for Emily - Nguyen 1 Essay 4 English 1B Professor...

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Nguyen 1 Essay 4 English 1B Professor Wilson November 25, 2007 “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner The short story "A Rose for Emily" portrays the life of Emily Grierson, an aristocratic woman. The story is not told in a chronological order but in random fragments. The reader has to read the whole story in order to understand the character Emily Grierson and her actions. William Faulkner was born 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi. At the age of four, he moved to Oxford. He used Oxford as a model for the town “Jefferson’ where “A Rose for Emily” takes place. Overall, the Southern mentality and culture influenced his writings. In 1949, Faulkner was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Some of his most famous works are “The Sound and the Fury”, “As I Lay Dying” and “Sanctuary”. His most known short stories are “Red Leaves, “Dry September”, and “A Rose for Emily”. The story begins with Miss Emily's funeral at her house and not in a church. The townspeople are attending it for various reasons, but mainly because they want to see the inside of the mansion to satisfy their curiosity. For several years, no one was allowed to enter it. As the story goes, the reader learns that Miss Emily's father was a very strict man who did not allow his daughter to date. Therefore, after his death, Miss Emily is all alone. Soon after his death, a laborer named Homer Barron comes into town and starts to date Miss Emily. However, the townspeople do not want her to seriously get involved with a commoner and send for her cousins to talk some sense into her. After the cousins leave, Homer comes back. Miss Emily buys arsenic
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Nguyen 2 given the impression to commit suicide since Homer is not willing to get married. He then disappears and is never seen. Instead, a horrible stench surrounds Miss Emily's house and the townspeople sprinkle lime on her lawn. After Miss Emily is buried, the townspeople open the
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