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Study Guide—Exam #2 Communication Studies 101 Jimmy Draper, GSI Nov. 8, 2007 Please note this is NOT an exhaustive list of the topics covered on the exam; you are responsible for EVERYTHING covered in lectures, readings, and discussion sections. Advertising Naomi Klein reading --Coolhunting --Inner city culture and advertising (“Bro-ing”) --Lifestyle brands and examples --Grounds/strategies for resisting the commodification of culture --ironic readings/positions, camp, kitsch, --examples Campbell--Chapter 11 --History of advertising Development of ad agencies Space brokers Patent medicines and movements to regulate commercial speech Early and famous advertising agencies (and campaigns and slogans) Subliminal advertising Bodies (public and private) involved in regulating truth in advertising --BBB --FTC Formation of Mega-agencies, consolidation, boutiques --Market research (history of/approaches to)
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Demographics Psychographics Focus groups VALS --Structure of ad agencies Creative development Storyboarding Media buyers Saturation advertising Account executives Account reviews --Techniques of persuasion Association Principle Slogans Famous-person testimonial Plain-folks pitch Snob-appeal approach Bandwagon effect Hidden-fear appeal Irritation Advertising Dissociation Corollary --Cultural myths and myth analysis --Commercial Speech vs. Political Speech and regulation --Infomercials
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study_guide_exam2 - Study Guide-Exam #2 Communication...

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