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Trey Mitchell “Law and the American Revolution Essay” When a small animal is backed into a corner by a larger animal, out sized and out powered, its only instinct is to either lie down or attack. This is exactly how the Patriots were lead to a revolt against the British leading to the American Revolution. Great Britain had taken away so many of the American colonies freedoms through tax cuts and import acts that the colonies had no choice but to start a revolt. First off according to the readings, buying goods from outside the the colonies leads to dependence in strangers, thus making the community weaker. This was a product of the many laws that Britain had put upon the colonies. Great Britain, according to the towns people, had forgotten the rules of mutual dealings and common concern, and the reliance on British imported goods, only made Americans vulnerable to British greed. The Stamp Act, which required all legal documents, permits, commercial contracts, newspapers, wills, pamphlets, exec, in the colonies to carry a tax stamp, and the Townshend Acts
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�Law and the American Revolution Essay� -...

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