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CIS FINAL - CH 9 COMMUNICATIONS Computer Communications =...

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CH. 9 COMMUNICATIONS Computer Communications = the process of sharing data, programs, and information between two or more computers. Applications: E-mail = provides a fast, efficient alternative to traditional mail by sending and receiving electronic documents. Instant Messaging = Supports direct, “live” electronic communication between two or more friends or buddies. Internet Telephone = Provides a very low-cost alternative to long- distance telephone calls using electronic voice deliver. Electronic Commerce = Buying and selling goods electronically. Connectivity = A concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources. The Wireless Revolution = The single most dramatic change in connectivity and communications in the past five years has been the widespread use of mobile or wireless telephones. - Estimated that over 600 million mobile telephones are in use worldwide. - White this wireless technology was originally intended for voice communication, it is now becoming widely used to support all kinds of communication, especially computer communication. - Wireless technology promises to allow a wide variety of nearby devices to communicate with one another without any physical connection.
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Communication Systems = Electronic systems that transmit data from one location to another. Whether wired or wireless, every communication system has FOUR basic elements: 1. Sending and Receiving Devices = These are often a computer or specialized communication device. 2.
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CIS FINAL - CH 9 COMMUNICATIONS Computer Communications =...

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