jun 5 - Jun 05 Memory Memory "A blanket label for a...

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Jun 05 Memory Memory "A blanket label for a large number processes that work together to create a bridge between our past and our present" Multiple forms of Memory? memory for short periods of time seems to be different than memory for longer periods of time brain damage can disrupt some kinds of memory but leave other kinds unaffected some things seem easy to remember and some things really difficult Human Memory: Basic Q's How does information put into memory? Encoding How is information maintained in memory? Storage How is information pulled back out of memory? Retrieval Encoding: Getting Info into Memory The role of attention Focusing awareness Selective attention = selection of input Filtering: early or late? Encoding in Long-Term memory Requires attention filter --> early or late selection? cocktail party phenomenon talking to someone at party and hearing name from across room. Levels of processing (shallow to deep) Structural encoding --> length or print of words phonemic encoding --> what a word sounds like semantic encoding --> the meaning of verbal input deeper encoding = better memory processing time does not equal depth of processing Encoding Issues Encoding Specificity principle Idea that ease of retrieval of a memory depends on match of encoding with retrieval Poor recall if shallow learning is examined using a deep processing technique Student who reads multiple choice items in test prep book and then takes an essay exam will likely not do very well Spacing of learning is important Spaced learning leads to better recall of information Encoding Specificity What kinds of things serve as cues Memory capacity of deep sea divers One group learns list of words on beach other learns list 15 feet deep in water People who learned on beach did well on beach, people who learned underwater did well
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underwater People who learned on beach did poor underwater and vice versa "if you study w/ coffee you should take the test with coffee"
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jun 5 - Jun 05 Memory Memory "A blanket label for a...

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