jun10 - Memory Distortions Elisabeth Loftus 1974 Eyewitness...

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Memory Distortions Elisabeth Loftus 1974 Eyewitness report study on car crash video asked them how fast cars were going when they ________ each other. blank filled with smashed collided hit contacted greater the intensity of the word the higher the speed the subjects reported a week later The Sleeper Effect Information form low credible source is rated as having low credibility Over time, the source of the info is lost, and the info becomes rated as more credible ex. Paul Revere over time becomes the hero of the warning of British Mere Exposure Bob Zanjoc Memory Distortions Memory reports are combinations of info from iriginal event person's background knowledge and schemas info presented after the event Implications accuracy of eye witness testimony identification of criminals from photos or a lineup Death penalty, eye witnesses, and DNA erroneus eyewitness testimony is single greatest cause of wrongful convictions in the US criminal justice system of 67 then-known DNA exonerations in the US and Canada, 51 were convicted by eyewitnesses What function is served by having two types of memory Similarity is bad if you want very specific information Similarity is good if you want to acquire and retain useful, general knowledge Hippocampus and surrounding structures fast acquisition of information little overlap in representation to help reduce intertreence cortical brain areas slower acquistion of info highly overlapping representations to allow generalization Thought What is thinking it could refer to almost any mental activity of which you are aware unaware digesting
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jun10 - Memory Distortions Elisabeth Loftus 1974 Eyewitness...

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