jun 17 - alfred binet when france first began public...

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alfred binet when france first began public shooling as a result of the industrial revolution, he was asked by minister of ed to devise a test stanford-binet binet and simon devised a test to measure intellectual development in children 1905 1st modern intelligence test cognitively involved not psychophysical tests the binet-simon test was brought to america, standardized on american standards 1905 binet's approach used age differentiation for item selection expressed intelligence in terms of difference between examinee's age and age norms for older or younger kids advanced or retarded in 'x' number of years norm-referenced testing - could compare could be illiterate and still get a perfect score 1912 - stern introduced the intelligence quotient MA/CA if advanced then M>C (then IQ > 1) if retarded then M<C (IQ < 1) 1916 - Terman translates, extends Binet Simon test and calls in Stanford-Binet Says multiply IQ score by 100 to get IQ David Wechsler - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - WAIS Argued that Binet's test was too verbal Proposed two components Verbal and Performance Subscales Performance is largely spatial information Deviation IQ - standardized his test to have mean of 100 and SD of 15, thus by knowing a score, you know what percentile on normal population the score would match Devised downward extensions of his scale for kids. Wechsler is credited with two innovations Extremes of Intelligence Mental Retardation v. Giftedness Issues Classification? Based on tests only?
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jun 17 - alfred binet when france first began public...

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