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Thesis paper 1 final version - Nikka Ghalili WR100 N8 Ross...

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Nikka Ghalili U87705553 WR100 N8 Ross 11-8-2007 Hidden Meaning Poets most commonly use their diction and structure to support the theme presented in the poem. However the diction and structure could also be used as effective tools to give a double meaning to the poem. E.E.Cummings uses diction an structure within his poems “in Just-” and “ i sing of Olaf glad and big” to hide the darker themes that are prevalent throughout the poems. By doing so, he is able to enhance the meaning of his work. In both of these poems, there is a darker side that undertones the poet's choice of words and the way the poem is structured. At first the poem “in Just-” seems to be a rather uplifting and innocent poem about children playing in the springtime; an impression caused by the way the words in the poem are joined, such as “mud-luscious”, “puddle-wonderful”, as well as the names of the children, “eddieandbill”, “bettyandisbel”. This combining of words gives the poem a fast tempo, which is usually associated with excitement and joy. It also delivers a sense of innocence because it reflects how children speak when they are having fun--fast and usually without pause. One of the first awkward structures that the reader notices in the poem is that the segments of the work referring to children are usually very tightly packed together and fast. However, there are parts of the poem which are very spaced out and have many line breaks; many words also end with syllables such as “e” which make them read very slowly. These parts of the poem are the ones that are the lines regarding the second main character in the poem – the balloon man. This contrast of structure is emphasized in the poem, such as in the fifth stanza: 1
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Nikka Ghalili U87705553 the queer old balloonman whistles far and wee and bettyandisbel come dancing In this stanza, the poet uses three lines to describe one action of the balloon man, while he only
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Thesis paper 1 final version - Nikka Ghalili WR100 N8 Ross...

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