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IDS 301 Spring 2008 Exam 1 Topics: Chapter 1 Definition and concept types of problems. Chapter 2 No subject matter on the exam Chapter 3 Quartiles, median, mean Percentiles Range, IQR Coefficient of Variation Application of Variation and Standard Deviation Z-Score calculations and comparisons Chebyshevs Theorem Empirical Rule Weighted Mean Chapter 4 Combinations Permutations Factorials Addition Rule for Probability Multiplication Rule for Probability
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Unformatted text preview: • Conditional Probability • Two way Table • Independent and Dependent – concept and application • Mutually Exclusive – know as a concept and if it is stated in a problem then you can figure out that the probability of A and B is equal to 0. Chapter 5 • Expected Value • Binomial Distribution • Piosson Chapter 6 • Uniform Distribution • Be able to convert Z-values into a probability with the table....
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