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ARH301 Discussion 09.08.05 - Architecture When looking at architecture, see how it responds with nature/the environment Think about statements of power, etc. Corbusier: o Swiss born; lived in France o Cathedral / chapel On hillside Looks abstract, but the curving forms mimic the hills o Apartment complex Rooms inserted into grid Pre-built, then inserted Painted walls along window inset o Strong structure o Aesthetics make them appealing to the eye o function lintel system: posts or columns holding up slab o must position posts, so slab will not fall down o examples: Temple of Ahmen in Egypt hypostyle: has many columns Parthenon in Athens (450 BC) Posts only around the outside Original roof was made out of wood, so columns could be far apart (light roof). Arch: purpose support; allows roof to be higher o Example: Collessuem in Rome could put tarp over to cover number system of seating For entertainment Cordoba Mosque in Spain Raised roof, so it felt less crowded Archs have voussoir (each stone) and keystone (central stone in the arch) Sharts Cathedral o Vault example o Crossvaults (rib vaults) o Vaults raise roof o Buttress to give more strength to hold ceiling Pantheon in Rome o Dome shaped—helps raise roof very high o Has oculus (opening at top) to let light into building (may also have had a spiritual purpose) o Could fit a perfect sphere into building o Diameter == height == 43.3 meters Justinine built a church/chapel Hagia Sophia o Another dome example o Built an a central cross pan Eiffel Tower (built in 1889) o For World’s Fair o By Goustauf Eiffel o Made out of rod iron it can be premade and welded together o Had one of the world’s first elevators o Used for radio, television, etc—this save it from being torn down Philip Johnson’s Glass House (1949) in Connecticut o All sides made out of glass; has as steel frame o Ability to make large panes of glass Gugenhieim Musem in Spain Popedo Center in Paris
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o Looks unfinished o Can see all pipes, duct work, etc o Houses a museum, library, restaurants, movie theatre, etc Villa Retunda - Italy o On a hill o Makes a statement about power Frank Willwright’s Falling Water o Both are houses o Incorporates natures with the building o Built on top of what was there 09.22.05 – Egyptian Art Egyptian Art Spirits: o Ka: the soul; stays with a ruler when he is buried; make statue to hold the “ka”; sort of like an overseer; sees who is coming to worship; being sure people bring this ruler offerings Ex. Kauffer’s statue was o Ba: spirit that moves back in forth b/t life and afterlife; communicates b/t ka and akh; like a messenger o Akh: part of spirit that goes to the afterlife Egyptian religion is polyistic; many Gods o Rulers are divine; they are also “god” o Gods of different things; may not be a God you worship ALL the time; may be for specific purpose; like crop god to make
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ARH301 Discussion - ARH301 Discussion 09.08.05 -...

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