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CH301 - chapter 9 notes - 1 CH 301 Chapter 9 Molecular...

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1 CH 301 Chapter 9 Molecular Orbitals in Chemical Bonding The diatomic molecule of O 2 has the following Lewis structure: •• •• O = O •• •• The molecular geometric shape indicates that the molecule has a double bond and each oxygen atom has two unshared pairs of electrons around the central atom. Since there are no half-filled orbitals (unpaired electrons), it would be expected that the molecule, when placed in a magnetic field, would be diamagnetic. However, experimental procedures show that the molecule is paramagnetic. Therefore, the valence bond theory is not an acceptable explanation for the bonding that occurs in the oxygen molecule. Diamagnetic substances are those substances in which all the electrons are paired and are weakly repelled by magnetic fields. Paramagnetic substances are those substances that contain unpaired electrons and are weakly attracted into magnetic fields. Molecular orbitals is a bonding theory that explains the phenomenon of the paramagnetic behavior of molecular oxygen by rationalization that O 2 has two unpaired electrons. Molecular Orbitals: Combination of atomic orbitals on different atoms forms molecular orbitals (MO’s) so that electrons in MO’s belong to the molecule as a whole.
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CH301 - chapter 9 notes - 1 CH 301 Chapter 9 Molecular...

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