MIS311F Exam 2 Material

MIS311F Exam 2 Material - MIS311F Exam 2 Material 03.03.05...

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MIS311F Exam 2 Material 03.03.05 – The Process of Communication Communication Cycle: o ***Possible Test Question:*** What do information systems cycle and communication cycle have in common? Input, process, and outputs! o Types of Communication: Oral Communication: speaking; how they are standing; is there a barrier? Are they monotone? Written Communication: writing Nonverbal Communication: body language; facial expressions; eyes o Communication Networks: *** KNOW these for EXAM *** Centralized : starts f/ a central figure; has a central figure (like coach talking to team) Decentralized : doesn’t have a central figure (like fans shouting at a game) Each has a different purpose; one not necessarily better than the other o Directions of Communication: Downward: classic business top down structure; title difference; f/ the big man down (like professor in a lecture) Upward: input from the little people (like students giving professor inputs) Horizontal: like students talking with each other (or professor chatting w/ students out of class) Can experience all three!! You can be different directions at different times! o Communication Roles: *** WILL have to match on EXAM *** Gatekeepers: secretary; one who handles the calendar; assistant; person you need to go through to get to the CEO Liaisons : person in between; helps put the mergers together; helps both parties (whether company or people); could be the fedEX guy (one that bridges the gap). Isolates: works the evening/night shifts; isolated from the rest of us; behind the scenes; custodians Cosmopolites: a cosmopolitan situation; they come & go; going to different places to take care of business & reports back (ex. pharmaceuticals) o Individual Barriers to Communication: Differences in Status: their rank; professor and TA Credibility of the Source: how credible are they? Have they lied? Perceptual Biases: the way we see things Status and credibility may go together! o Organizational Barriers to Communication: Information Overload Time Pressures: under time pressures organization may change
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Organizational Climate: ex. dr. c cleaning closet: start overload stop cleaning Technology o Informal Communication: o Improving Organizational Communication: Use Appropriate Language Practice Empathic Communication Encourage Feedback Develop A Climate Of Trust Use Appropriate Media Encourage Effective Listening Management Vs. Leadership: Management Leadership Direction Keeping an eye on the bottom line Keeping eye on the horizon Alignment Create Boundaries Helping others grow Reduce boundaries Relationships Focusing on objects - Producing/Selling Based on power position Acting as boss Focusing on people
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MIS311F Exam 2 Material - MIS311F Exam 2 Material 03.03.05...

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