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soc 308 exam 1 outline - SOC 308 Exam 1 Biology of Love o...

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SOC 308 Exam 1 Biology of Love o Film We share 98% of genetic material as chimps Men are attracted to women that look “healthy”—to bear children Women seek out masculine strength (for protection) Our courtship in sex longer than other species Visible signals: blushing, smiling, playing w/ hair Blushing similar to that during sex; lips similar to labia; breasts similar to butt Beauty standards differ around the world, but similarities include youth, clear unblemished skin, healthy bodies Sex peak- men 18/women 22 o Fisher article “The Nature and Evolutionary of Romantic Love” (p. 1) Liebowitz divided human romantic love into two physiological stages attraction and attachment (p. 2) Liebowitz concluded that attachment lasted for about 18 months to 3 years (p. 3). Then comes attachment: the fire cools, but the continue to love each other, but in a different way —warm and dependable (p. 4) Tennov’s limerence: limerence begins the moment another individual takes on a “special meaning”; it could be an old friend seen in a new perspective or a complete stranger (p. 2). infatuation then develops in a characteristic psychological pattern beginning with “intrusive thinking” (obsession). Then comes “crystallization”: seeing their love object’s flaws, but adoring them or casting them aside. (p. 2). Specific emotions include: elation, hope, uncertainty, fear (p.3). Fisher calls infatuation “being in love” = limerence = attraction = infatuation Fisher hypothesizes that there is a 3 rd stage: detachment Divorce patterns: divorce rates: depend on economic autonomy o divorce rates are high for independent spouses and o low for couples dependent on one another to survive (p. 5). Duration until divorce: most divorces occur at 4 year peak (p. 6) Divorce risk: (p. 6) o Men: ages 25-29 o Women: ages 20-24; and 25-29 Number of children/divorce: (p. 6) o No children 39% o One dependent child 26% o Two dependent children 19% o Three children 7% o Four children 3% Remarriage: (p. 6) o 75% of divorced American Women remarry: 76.3% who divorce in 20s remarry 56.2 % who divorce in 30s remarry 32.4% who divorce in 40s remarry o 80% of divorced American men remarry o ½ of all American remarriages take place within 3 years of divorce Components of Love Film: “Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo” o Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic kissed at a New Year’s party in 1984 and fell madly in love. o Their families had nothing against their relationship even though Bosko was a Serb, and Admira was a Muslim. o When the civil war broke out in 1991, their relationship became a very dangerous one to maintain. In September of 1992, Admira decided to move in with Bosko. o
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soc 308 exam 1 outline - SOC 308 Exam 1 Biology of Love o...

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