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Chapter 8 Solutions Review Questions 1. What is the function of a redirector? c. to determine whether a request is meant for the client CPU or the server 2. Which of the following must be installed on a Windows XP client workstation for it to be able to log on to a Windows Server 2003 server? (Choose all that apply.) b. Microsoft Client for Networks d. the TCP/IP protocol 3. What are the three tiers in a 3-tier architecture? c. client, middleware, server 4. If Maria’s user account belongs to the Teachers group on a Windows Server 2003 network, and the Teachers group has read and execute permissions for the Lessons folder, what can Maria do with documents in the Lessons folder? d. Open an existing document. 5. Suppose you own a computer that has a Pentium 100-MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, and a 4-GB hard disk. If you wanted to install Windows Server 2003 on this computer, what is the minimum hardware upgrade you must perform, if any? a. Replace the processor with one capable of at least 133 MHz. 6. You have created a printer object for a new HP LaserJet in your Windows Server 2003 Active Directory. Before users can print to this printer, what else must you create in Active Directory? a. a printer share 7. What is the purpose of a container in an NOS directory? d. to organize similar objects for easier management 8. What is the relationship between threads and multiprocessing? c. Processes are made of threads; threads within a process can be handled by different processors to improve server performance. 9. In comparing an NOS directory to a tree, what elements are analogous to leaves? d. objects 10. When a server’s RAM is fully utilized, where can the NOS store unused information blocks? b. in a page file on its hard disk
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11. You work at an organization with 12 servers and 1000 employees, each of whom works full-time and has his own workstation. Which Windows Server 2003 licensing mode would be most economical? b. per seat 12. What primary advantage does Windows Server 2003 gain by assigning each operation its own 32- or 64-bit memory area? a. Multiple applications running simultaneously are isolated and, therefore, are less likely to adversely affect each other. 13. Suppose you have designed a domain tree for your business, National Maps. In that domain tree, you have created two domains: Research and Publishing. You want users from the Publishing domain to be able to open documents on servers within the Research
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Chap89Sol - Chapter 8 Solutions Review Questions 1 What is...

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