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How to Be Successful in CGS1263

How to Be Successful in CGS1263 - How to Be Successful in...

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How to Be Successful in CGS1263 To be successful in CGS1263 you need to read the syllabus and the class schedule. In the syllabus there are some requirements that are required of you for this course. One of the requirements is to complete the15 assignments. The assignments are the review questions that are at the end of the chapter. I have written the questions for you and all you have to do is write the answer from the book and put it in the document and submit it back to me. The answer should be the alphabet and the short answer behind it. An example is (1. d. copying data from one computer to a floppy disk, and then reading from that disk to another computer). You will find the assignments in the assignment area of blackboard. I have created this so that you can keep up with when you turn in your assignment. Remember assignments must be turned in on time (when they are due). Late assignments will not be accepted. Another requirement is the four labs. You will find them in the assignments area also. You can complete them without having an outside lab. You will have one
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