ETHICS FINAL - ETHICS In this day and age a company not...

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ETHICS In this day and age, a company not having an implemented ethics policy is purely an oxymoron. Back in 1881, when Kodak was just getting started, the idea of business conduct codes being used was practically a joke. There was little to no continent-to- continent or giant domestic media connection such as the internet. The concept of protecting employees on a long-term basis was nonexistent. Each of these ideas has changed enormously. It has become absolutely critical in a company’s development to compose its own ethics program and enforce that program in all of its offices worldwide. This is important not only to protect its own employees in the office and in the factory but also to protect the invaluable reputation of the company. Eastman Kodak understands the importance of how to conduct business in today’s world. Eastman Kodak takes pride in “producing the highest quality products” they can, and also adheres “to the highest ethical standards” achievable. The “company strives to act responsibly in its business practices and on workforce issues, to be a good steward for the environment, and to be a good neighbor in the community where it does business” (25,1). To do such, Kodak conveniently created two sets of values they adamantly stand by: The Kodak Values and the Quality and Ethics standards. The Kodak Values define who Eastman Kodak is as a company and how they act toward each other, customers, shareholders, and all of the public. The second set of values consists of six general company statements, or motivational platforms to stand by, under known as the code of Quality and Ethics. Both sets of values as well as numerous codes of conduct, are found throughout Eastman Kodak’s website; mainly two will be discussed further to understand that Eastman Kodak wants to be a reputable company
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with these standards and strongly desires to stay that way by instituting such values across the globe. All of the six Kodak Values are all equally important in maintaining Kodak’s goal of achieving a high level of ethics. The first, “Respect for the dignity of the individual,” means essentially that everyone involved with Kodak is treated with an equal amount of respect. It helps employees see each other on the same level, rather than as a superior
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ETHICS FINAL - ETHICS In this day and age a company not...

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