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John Knezevic Listening Project – Classical Piano Sonata When picking out a particular piano sonata, I came across a piano sonata written by Beethoven and that was the Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, op. 13. I picked it purely because it is known as “Pathetique”, which was slightly amusing to me. The sonata was published in 1799 and Beethoven dedicated this piece to his friend, Prince Karl von Lichnowsky. The first movement, Grave - Allegro di molto e con brio , is in standard sonata form. It starts out slow but then picks up very fast and the dynamic markings start coming to life. You can tell there are dynamics like forte and fortepiano in here to give the song some flavor. The theme of the first movement reminds me of the Baroque period, especially the parts that sound minor. The second movement, Adagio cantabile, opens with a melody that sounds very familiar and it is played three times. But they do not sound like the same notes, like they are played in
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Unformatted text preview: different keys. Also during this movement, homophony is noticeable when there are more than one voice. It sounds like at one point like there are four voices playing against each other, and then it dwindles back to only one voice at the conclusion of the second movement. The third movement, Rondo: Allegro, is relatively similar to the first movement, but lighter so to speak. Throughout the third movement there are points where notes are really emphasized loudly and then back off quietly again, giving it some note contrast. After listening to the sonata twice I found it relatively easy to listen to, meaning I liked it. Some parts of the piece, mainly in the second movement I have heard before in movies or on television somewhere. Overall enjoyable sonata and I would recommend it to people....
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