060223 study guide exam2 - BIOL 1120: PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY...

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BIOL 1120: P RINCIPLES   OF  B IOLOGY  II.  F ALL  2005.    D R . M C D OWELL R EVIEW  G UIDE   FOR  B OTANY  P ORTION   OF  F INAL  E XAM Plant Biology was covered on Exams I and II.  The comprehensive portion of the final exam will  include approximately 32 questions on plant biology topics covered during lectures.  The  question portion of the multiple choice exam questions will be selected from the list below.  Study this guide, previous exams and quizzes, and lecture notes, using the book as  reference.  This review sheet cover most but not all of the material that may be included in  the exam. ____________________________________________________________________ "Foolish seedling disease" of rice involved a hormone which A cube of potato which has Ψ of -0.23 MPa within the cells is dropped into a sugar solution of -0.46 MPa. What happens? A cultivated food plant is often A germinating grass seedling embryo produces ________ that mobilize stored nutrients. A plant cell placed in distilled water will Agriculture developed All nitrogen fixation is carried out by ________, and some of them live in symbiosis with other  organisms. All of the following normally enter the plant through the roots EXCEPT All of the following plant structures are adaptations specifically for terrestrial environment  EXCEPT Although mistletoes are green, they are considered to be parasites because Among important crop plants, nitrogen-fixing root nodules are most commonly an attribute of As a grass seed germinates, the embryonic plant secretes gibberellins that As a tree begins transpiring in the morning, tension pressure occurs first in Asexual reproduction is Carbon and oxygen are acquired through __________ and nitrogen and potassium are 
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acquired from __________ . Carnivorous plants trap, kill and digest insects to Cell walls and spaces between cells make up a region called the ________, and the continuous  meshwork of living cells connected by plasmodesmata is called the ________. Cohesion is the tendency of water molecules to attract Conventional agriculture differs from organic agriculture in terms of the: Domestication of agricultural crops involved selection of: Domestication of plants involves various adjustments or changes to the wild form of the plant,  such as: Evaporative water is lost through pores in the leaf, which are called ________. Flowering plants produce _______ or microspores in their anthers.
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060223 study guide exam2 - BIOL 1120: PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY...

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