Lecture 17 Bio325 Fall 07

Lecture 17 Bio325 Fall 07 - When is transcription of a...

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1 When is transcription of a particular gene induced? • every gene in an organism is under strict transcriptional regulation, by RNA polymerase itself, as well as by the proteins that are required to initiate (or repress) transcription by binding to the promoter or enhancer regions. • some genes are transcribed all the time, in virtually every cell of an organism; these are sometimes called “housekeeping” genes • the transcription of other genes is induced by specific stimuli - temperature, nutrients, toxins, stress, radiation, growth factors, starvation, chemicals, aging, essentially anything you can think of • transcription initiation can occur within seconds or it can take hours or days, depending on the way in which the induction occurs www.promscan.uklinux.net/background.html Regulation of gene expression can occur at any step from transcription through translation: binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter transcription initiation transcription elongation transcription termination RNA processing/RNA stability/nuclear export (mostly in eukaryotes) binding of mRNA to the ribosome translation post-translation modifications (mostly in eukaryotes) transcription translation
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2 The basic mechanisms of gene regulation were determined in E. coli: example: the lac operon β -galactosidase transacetylase permease in prokaryotes, clusters of genes involved in the same function often share one promoter; this cluster is called an operon
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Lecture 17 Bio325 Fall 07 - When is transcription of a...

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