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Hormone Chart - Hormones origin target action Excretory...

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Hormones: origin, target, action Excretory Hormone Origin Target (Kidneys) Action Aldosterone Adrenal glands Distal tubules and Increases sodium reabsorption Collecting ducts Antidiuretic Produced in Collecting Ducts Increases permeability of collecting ducts Hormone (ADH) Hypothalamus; to water, increasing reabsorption and Released by pituitary decreasing water excretion Gland Male Reproductive Hormones Hormone Origin Target (Varies) Action Gonadotropin-releasing Hypothalamus Anterior Pituitary Stimulates release of FSH and LH Hormone (GnRH) Follicle-stimulating Anterior Pituitary Testes Stimulates development of seminiferous Hormone (FSH) tubules; stimulates spermatogenesis Luteinizing Anterior Pituitary Testes Stimulates interstitial cells to secrete hormone (LH) testosterone Testosterone Testes General Before Birth : stimulates development of primary sex organs and descent of testes into scrotum At puberty : responsible for growth spurt: stimulates development of reproductive structures and 2ndary sex characteristics In adult : maintains 2ndary sex characteristics; stimulates spermatogenesis Female Reproductive Hormones
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Hormone Chart - Hormones origin target action Excretory...

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