syllabus - FINC 727: Valuation and financing enterprises,...

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FINC 727: Valuation and financing enterprises, GWII 3111 Professor Robert S. Hansen 1 OVERVIEW Professor Robert S. Hansen 865-5624 Hours: M-144 GW II, Wed. 4-6 pm, and by appointment Faculty Assistant Ethel Matshiya 865-5666 Ethel is at the Mezzanine floor secretary station. Teaching Assistant Vadim Balashov Class web site FINC 727-01/02 on Blackboard THIS COURSE EXAMINES CORPORATE VALUATION AND FINANCING at an advanced level. It is designed for students who expect to be involved with corporate transactions. It is useful for careers in commercial or investment banking, corporate finance, managing financial institutions and venture capital. We focus first on valuation methods that include Net Present Value/Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Internal Rate of Return, Flow to Equity, Adjusted Present Value, Capital Cash Flow, Option Value, Equity Cash Flow, Venture Capital, EVA, DCF growth models, multiples, and comparables. Excel tools simplify tedious arithmetic. We also focus on underwriting and financing. BACKGROUND WITH CORPORATE FINANCE and basic understandings of the Capital Asset Pricing Model and option valuation are presumed. Relevant review material may be found in the noted textbooks. A BLACKBOARD WEB SITE, is used so stay up to date by periodically checking that site. CLASS PROCEDURES CLASS MEAN AND MEDIAN GRADES WILL BE FROM B + TO A - . CLASS MATERIALS. All class materials may be found on the course web page, located on Blackboard. You may purchase each case or reading from Harvard Business School by clicking the HBS link. CLASS PARTICIPATION (50%)
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syllabus - FINC 727: Valuation and financing enterprises,...

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