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bjt small signal & filter analysis

bjt small signal & filter analysis - Pratices Practice...

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Pratices: Practice 1 : ib hie hf e ib 1 / hoe VCE hre h parameters Definition on individual group Unit h ie The input impedance of the transistor (corresponding to the emitter resistance r e ) h ie = B BE ΔI ΔV at I B – V BE graph Ω h re Represents the dependence of the transistor's I B V BE curve on the value of V CE . It is usually very small and is often neglected (assumed to be zero) h re = CE BE ΔV ΔV at V CE – V BE graph No unit h oe The output impedance of transistor. This term is usually specified as an admittance and has to be inverted to convert it to an impedance h oe = CE C ΔV ΔI at I C – V CE graph Siemens h fe The current-gain of the transistor. This parameter is often specified as h FE or the DC current-gain ( β DC ) in datasheets h fe = B C ΔI ΔI at I C – I B graph No unit 1 / 6
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Practice 2 : vout hie RC hf e ib ib 0 v in ( 29 C T CQ C e fe e C fe ie C fe ie b C b fe in out v C b fe out ie b in R V I R r h r R h h R h h i R i h v v G gain R i h v h i
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