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Lab1_E09_Daniel Krueger - late lab. o If the network goes...

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E09 Dan Krueger CNA 169 Guidelines Lecture: - You are responsible for all information presented in class (not all of the directions for your lab will be printed. I give a lot of verbal information and directions which you must follow and are responsible for. - No talking from 9:30 to 10:45 unless you are asking the professor a question or are instructed to do so. - No eating/drinking in class or lab. - Sit up and keep your feet off the seat and seatback at all times. Labs/Quizzes: - No credit for late labs. Or skipped quizzes. Pop Quizzes/Quizzes/Tests in the class room. - Black or blue ink only. - Hats must be removed. - 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper with no torn edges of any kind. - No Art work. Due Dates: - Labs will be assigned a due date which includes a lecture day (to answer questions). - I’ll not answer questions about the lab after the second lecture. - No credit if soft and/or hard copy of lab is late or missing. Lab times: - Times are posted outside of ECC 103. o If the lab opens late or closes early for any reason, it doesn’t give you an excuse to turn in a
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Unformatted text preview: late lab. o If the network goes down, it doesnt give you an excuse to turn in a late lab. o Restricted lab times, dont give you an excuse to turn in a late lab. Consultants:-The consultants at the main desk of ECC 103 are not available for CNA 169 help.-The consultants for CNA 169 will post a sign at the deck near the 6 rows of computers used for CNA 169 when they are on duty. o The bulletin board at the entrance of the CNA lab will have their scheduled times posted. o They will wear a nametag when working. o Please dont hold them up from going to their next class. Bulletin Board:-Consultants schedule.-Restricted hours for testing. o Please check this to help you plan your lab times. I have read and understand all of the above. Seat # _______ Signed ______________________________ 1 Lab1_E09_Daniel Krueger...
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