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Math191_Week4_section - Math 191 Problem Set for Week 4...

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Math 191 Problem Set for Week 4 Section 1. The region in the first quadrant that is bounded above by the curve y = 1 /x 1 / 4 , on the left by the line x = 1 / 16 , and below by the line y = 1 is revolved about the x -axis to generate a solid. Find the volume of the solid by a. the washer method. b. the shell method. 2. The region shown here is to be revolved about the y -axis to generate a solid. Which of the methods (disk, washer, shell) could you use to find the volume of the solid? How many integrals would be required in each case? Give reasons for your answers. 3. y = R x 0 tan tdt , 0 x π/ 6. a. Set up an integral for the length of the curve.
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