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Math191_Week5_section - 144 lb was lifted at a constant...

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Math 191 Problem Set for Week 5 Section 1. Find the surface area of the spherical cap obtained by rotating around the x-axis the curve described parametrically by y = asinθ , x = acosθ , 0 θ π/ 6 (for any constant a > 0 ). 2. Let S be the surface obtained by rotating the curve y = x , 2 < x < k about the x -axis. Choose k such that the area of S is equal to 98 π 6 . 3. A bag of sand originally weighing
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Unformatted text preview: 144 lb was lifted at a constant rate. As it rose, sand also leaked out at a constant rate. The sand was half gone by the time the bag had been lifted to 18 ft. How much work was done lifting the sand bag this far? (Neglect the weight of the bag annd lifting equipment.) 1...
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