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North Carolina State University Department of Economics Office: 4144 Nelson EC 201: Introduction to Microeconomics Mailing address: Box 8110 Summer 2008, Section 2 URL: Prof. Fanis Tsoulouhas E-mail: [email protected] Course Outline Textbook : Samuelson, P.A., and Nordhaus, W.D., Microeconomics , 18th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2005. Classroom Performance System (CPS) : If you purchase a new textbook, it will come packaged with the CPS enrollment code and possibly a discount coupon to use when you enroll.* If you purchase a used textbook, you will need to get a CPS enrollment code separately online. In either case, you will also need to purchase a CPS RF Response Pad (which looks like a remote control) at the bookstore, sold separately either in the computer hardware section or in the textbook section. Make sure you buy the radio frequency (and not the infrared) version. If you received a CPS enrollment code with the textbook, follow the instructions to activate the pad (you may want to do so after a class or two, once you are certain that you want to take this class). If you need to get a CPS enrollment code, after you purchase a Response Pad at the bookstore go to, click on the “students” button, select “North Carolina State University” from the drop-down menu, click on “choose site”, enter the Serial Number of the remote (which is printed on the back of the pad; it may be under the battery cover) and the Class Key (which is shown below) and make sure you select “I do not have a code” when prompted (note that the registration procedure may have changed since I prepared the syllabus). When you enter the serial number, note that lower case L, l, may be indistinguishable from number one,1,
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2008 for the course EC 201 taught by Professor Xasdf during the Summer '08 term at N.C. State.

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Sylsummer08-2 - North Carolina State University Department...

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