Final Paper - works cited

Final Paper - works cited - . Running out or running short:...

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Bibliography Gleik, Peter H. “The world’s Water 1998-1999” Basic Human Needs for Water (p42). D.C, (WA.): Island Press, 1998. Miller, Starr, Tagart. Water . Humans and Their Environment. Ohio: Thomson Brooks, 2008. ed. Rooke, Dennis. Ian Fells, John Horlock. “Energy for the future” . Growth of energy demand and resources. London: The Royal Society, 1995. Tatum, Jesse S. “Energy Possibilities”
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Unformatted text preview: . Running out or running short: energy and social organization. State University of New York: NY, 1995. West, Larry. “Water now more valuable than oil?” Environmental Issues. 2007 < > Young, Gordan J. James C. I Dooge, John C. Rodda. “Global Water Resource Issues” . 1.3.2 Water as the basis for development. Cambridge: University Press, 1994....
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