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Unformatted text preview: 1 Negotiating via Technology Week 12 Dr. Remi Ayoko UQ Business School University of Queensland Lecture overview ¡ Importance of virtual negotiation ¡ Place-time model of social interaction ¡ Technology and negotiation behaviour ¡ On-line commercial negotiation sites ¡ Strategies to enhance technological mediated negotiations An increase in virtual negotiation ¡ Pervasiveness of internet and information technology as a communication aid ¡ Easy of communication (time and place) ¡ Implication for virtual teams, online commeration & negotiations Place-Time Model of Social Interaction (Johansen,1988; Englebart,1989) ¡ Based on the options that negotiators have when doing business across different locations and times ¡ 4 possible interactions ¢ Same time ¡ Same place ¡ Different place ¢ Different time ¡ Same place ¡ Different place The Place-Time Model Same Place Different Place Same Time Face-to-face Telephone Videoconference Different Time Single-text editing E-mail Shift work Voice mail Source: Thompson,...
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This note was uploaded on 06/21/2008 for the course MSTU 3602 taught by Professor Dr.remiayoko during the Three '08 term at Queensland.

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MGTS_3602_Week_12__Negotiation____Technology - 1...

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