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1 MGTS 3602 Week 11 Dr. Remi Ayoko UQ Business School University of Queensland Lecture overview ± Types of negotiations ± Business as a social dilemma ± Negotiation as a Decision making process (myths) ± Prisoners dilemma ± Social dilemma ± Building co-operative relationships ± Escalation of commitment Types of Negotiations ± Explicit negotiation ± Negotiations where people seek to reach mutual agreement in terms of a binding contract ± Tacit negotiation ± Implicit negotiations without contracts and explicit agreements ± Here negotiators are interdependent with regards to outcomes but make independent decisions. ± Parties do not meet to talk but fate is determined by the actions that they take and the actions they and the other parties take (a catch 22) Business as social dilemma ± Decentralisation increases conflict of interest (managers self-interests not aligned with others) ± Strategic alliances (joint ventures etc) increase competition eg One world & Star Alliance ± Specialisation increases dependency on others which need cooperation ± Competition increases social dilemma Negotiation as decision making: Myths about interdependent decision making ± It’s a game of wit : I can outsmart them ± It’s a game of strength: show them you are tough ± It’s a game of chance: hope for the best
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This note was uploaded on 06/21/2008 for the course MSTU 3602 taught by Professor Dr.remiayoko during the Three '08 term at Queensland.

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MGTS_3602_week_11_2005_ - MGTS 3602 Week 11 Tacit...

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