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1 MGTS 3602 (Week 9) Managing difficult negotiations Dr Remi Ayoko Lecture overview ± What is a difficult negotiation? ± Causes of difficult negotiations ± Nature of difficult negotiations ± Strategies for resolving difficult negotiations Difficult negotiations ± Definition ± Negotiations that get to the point of stalemate or breakdown (Lewicki et al., 2004)
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2 Antecedents of difficult negotiations ± Parties’ perceptions of each other ± Content of negotiations ± Process of negotiations ± Context of negotiations The characteristics of difficult negotiations ± Anger, frustration & resentment ± Closed/constrained channels of communication ± Original issues are blurred and ill-defined ± Parties perceive great differences in their respective positions ± Parties locked in pre-negotiation position ± Ingroup/outgroup attitude Strategies for resolving difficult conflict and negotiations- Mayer, 2000 ± Cognitive resolutions: ± Change how parties view the situation ± Emotional resolutions:
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This note was uploaded on 06/21/2008 for the course MSTU 3602 taught by Professor Dr.remiayoko during the Three '08 term at Queensland.

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MGTS_3602_Week_9_web4 - MGTS 3602 (Week 9) Managing...

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