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Section 1-2: 1-8 all 1. Both a parameter and statistic have numerical values, but a parameter’s numerical value describes a population while a statistic’s numerical value describes a sample. 2. Qualitative data are separated into categories, but are non-numeric such as the ethnic make-up of Baker College. Quantitative data are represented by a count or measurement such as the height of NBA players. 3. Discrete data have a finite number that can be counted such as the number of envelopes in a box. Continuous data have an infinite possible amount such as the amount
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Unformatted text preview: of oil produced around the world. 4. The resulting data would be quantitative since the result must involve a number. Qualitative data does not involve numbers. 5. A sample of household size would be a statistic. 6. 42% of all 50 governors would be a parameter 7. Parameter since the study included all passengers on board the Titanic 8. A sample of television viewers would be a statistic since it did not count every television viewer....
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